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Who are we? is a FREE aquatics advertising website dedicated to the buying, selling or rehoming of all forms of aquatic life and all accessories and associated items. is a central resource for the fish keeping hobbyist or keeper of aquatic life to enable the sale or rehoming of koi and other pond fish, aquarium fish (Marine/Reef and Tropical) and all aquatic life within the hobbyist network. provides appropriate advertising opportunity to suit all hobbyist koi and fish keepers, including the sale or rehoming of high-quality koi carp through its Koi Showcase category.

A specific showcase for aquarium life can be installed if receives requests from members to provide this.

Aquasnappa’s reach extends to the advertising for sale or rehoming of all aquatic livestock and associated dry goods and accessories, including plant life (garden or aquatic) and decorative items such as garden ornaments.

Animal activities licence

Please feel free to browse If you wish to submit an advert for the sale or rehoming of a living creature and you are not a registered dealer or pet shop in possession of an animal activities licence, would like to guide you to the following information which may, or may not be relevant to you and your sales activity.

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Whether or not your fish or aquatic life sales activity would be judged to be a business and to require a licence, is the decision of your local council. There is clearly consideration for the hobbyist fish keeper to sell fish or aquatic life from their pond. However, if you are in any doubt at all about your activity, you should contact your local council. To understand the criteria on which the council will judge your activity please see:

Overall, this law is not designed to target the genuine hobbyist fishkeeper, or hobbyist keeper of aquatic life, but it is your responsibility to be aware  of the existance of: The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.

What is special about us as an advertising platform? is a central resource in the UK koi, fish keeping and aquarium industry, offering a platform whereby sellers and buyers of koi carp, aquarium and all aquatic life can come together in a focused manner. therefore enables the movement of for example, hobbyist owned koi carp within the hobbyist network, further creating opportunity for hobbyists to buy from the UK dealer network without over stocking their ponds. There is a desire for equal focus towards all indoor and outdoor aquatic hobbies

Aquatic sales, health and safety strongly promotes the safe, healthy and ethical rehoming of all aquatic life. All aquatic life advertised for sale must be in perfect health in all observable regard.  The only exception is for  aquatic life posted in ‘urgent rehoming’ where it is understood that the very nature of the post may be to ask for urgent welfare assistence to remove fish from a current location. does not permit the advertising of any fish which is a survivor of KHV regardless of how healthy it may appear. Buyers beware. Please ask all appropriate questions prior to purchase and take all appropriate safety precautions post purchase to ensure the safety of your pond or aquarium and your aquatic life.


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